Happy Holidays to You and Us

Coda & Lil GWith the typical beginning of the holiday season being Thanksgiving, we started out with a bang…or maybe it was a SPLAT!  Cue the sound of water breaking! Is that the sound of a tall horse peeing on a flat rock?  No sir, it was the soggy sound of a newborn’s pre-flight check list!  We were over the moon to be blessed by the early arrival of our first grandchild.  His due date was December 5th but  he decided to show up unexpectedly before the holiday, and kept the new parents in the hospital until Thanksgiving day, thereby showing us IMG_1503all who will be running the show for a while.  But we are all thankful that his arrival was fairly easy as fast for Alexis (or as easy as it can be to squeeze an oven-stuffer roaster through a ketchup bottle), steady but controlled enough for Matt to navigate the rush hour traffic from work to home to hospital, and timely enough for the whole herd of grandparents to arrive before he landed.  We now have a beautiful baby boy to cuddle and love, only to pass him off to Mom or Dad when he starts to smell bad.  I think because his mother has worked on special events at Walt Disney World for such a long time, Lil’ G loves nothing more than having a Pyro Party in his Pants!  Cue the fireworks and hand him off!  I knew I’d love being a Nana!  Steven has chosen to stay with Shreve as his grandpa name, leaving the other more traditional names to the other grandpas.  It fits!

FU** CANCER TATTOOIt’s hard to believe we have more news even better than our baby’s baby…but we do!  It looks like Steven will be around to show this addition what NOT to do for a LONG time.  The results of last week’s PET scan came in the form of a 1/2 page report which was “No Abnormal Activity!!!”  In layman’s terms that spells NO CANCER.  Another holiday miracle for our family!  Even though we had no reason to think otherwise, it’s always great to get confirmation in black and white!  The IMG_1529stem cell transplant worked, the new cells are doing what they are supposed to be doing without being mugged by any Crips or Bloods gang cancer cells and we are breathing completely normally for the first time in 12 years!  To celebrate this momentous event, Steven got himself a new tattoo that is totally inappropriate for a new grandpa…or 62 year old man for that matter.  But somehow we both decided that it was perfect for the situation, so an early Christmas gift was permanently etched on his forearm today to mark the end of more than a decade of sickness and worry.  Sometimes inappropriate is the only way to go…thus making it appropriate!  I don’t have a single tattoo on my body, but I kinda want a smaller version of this one.  But I also want to win the lottery, so we’ll see how that goes!

All Knowing Orchid - December 2015

The All Knowing Orchid

And finally for today I checked with my magic crystal ball substitute…my monster orchid plant.  To refresh your memory, it started blooming the day I was laid off from my job.  That was August 5.  Not only is it still blooming, it has thrown off 4 new shoots with buds on them all.  I know I need a job…I puke a little in my mouth every time I remember that I had to sign up for Obamacare……there it goes again…a little puke.  But the buds are telling me to hang in there and not worry, it will all work out.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing!



Well, Helloooooooo 2014

ImageHave you missed me?  I sure as hell have missed you!  I really miss the writing, I really miss knowing that you’re reading and I absolutely miss having the time to do it.  My stupid, freakin’ job has been taking up all my time and I just haven’t been able to figure out where to grab a few minutes to chat with you!  (Issues with the job?  We’ll be addressing that in 2014!)

News on Steven is great.  We really expected that he was going to need chemo in January, but he aced allImage his tests and Dr. Sprawls sent him home with a, “Keep up the good work,” and “You don’t need treatment yet,” as a Christmas present.  It seems like the weight loss, exercise, good nutrition and supplements have been a winning combination.  So I hope that gives hope to anyone with any kind of illness or disease.  Apparently taking good care of yourself helps!  (Care and feeding of the human body…another thing to address in 2014)

I’m trying not to beat myself up about my absence from blogging.  I get beat up enough at the old job site.  I travel 76 miles to work…and then another 76 miles home every day.  I have taken to spending at least one night a week in Orlando with Alexis.  Her hubby works late once a week so we have a girls night sleepover without disturbing the menfolk.  And it’s nice to spend quality time with my baby girl.  Although I do hate to leave Steven alone with the girl dogs.  He spoils them because I’m not around to spoil, and now I can’t eat a peanut butter sandwich without a 30 MPH incoming Whippet jumping on my head!  I can’t even imagine what the hell is going on while I’m away, but I’m going to get whiplash one of these days.  (Dog Whispering 101 – another 2014 topic)

So it looks like there’s much to chat about this year and that’s why I’m back.  I’m weighing in on Obama-care right now.  I really don’t know who gets “care” out of it, but it ain’t us!  Our new insurance through my employer costs $20 less per month than when the grown-ups were in charge of healthcare.  But so far this year, Steven’s prescription meds that used to cost $15 now cost $75, the $30 script ran us $95 and the $7 Neurontin is being delivered for the low, low price of $65.  If I do Republican math, I’m already screwed out of the $20 a month premium savings and it’s still January!  If I do Obama-math I think I just paid for a crack whore’s syphilis meds!  If I’m sounding a little angry, I am.  I now have hemorrhoids from sitting in the car over 3 hours every day so I have a job…to have insurance…that costs so much that I can’t afford hemorrhoid balm!  So expect a little more bitching in 2014…which is part of the beauty of being me!

But, at least I’m here to bitch.  And so is Steven, and the Whippet girls, and The Newly Married Alexis girl, and the New Son-In-Law Matt..and as always my beautiful grand-dog Coda…the poopie dog.  She’s loves me so much that I make her crap.

I hope you’re that happy to have me back.  I’m going to make a concerted effort to post…weekly.  There, it’s written in the sand…and if you want to show me you love me, crap on it!