Enjoying The Morning on Molly’s Porch




As Mr. Rogers used to say, “It’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood,” and I’m still lucky enough to be enjoying the retired part of the ‘semi-retired’ status I claim.  Steven is watching the FOX Business Channel keeping an eye on whatever it is that he’s buying and selling to keep me from having to get an office job.  I’m trying to lay low and let him keep at it so I don’t44425f9fd85525f34098985ebe3e7044   have to get that dreaded office job!  Meanwhile, the Unsinkable Molly Brown-Dog and I have come to agreement that her porch and my porch are one in the same and we live to enjoy it in peace and harmony without barking at the neighbors or growling the UPS delivery people who frequent our abode  As the bumper sticker says, “Life is Good.”  My status as “Broke Foot” has been upgraded to Gimpy Girl and I’m doing my best to rehab myself with some serious work in the gym and pool to make myself the best Nana I can be.  So all in all, I’m good.

As a follow up to Steven’s follow up to his last doctor’s appointment, apparently he is either a miracle (God’s opinion) or an anomaly (Dr. Sprawls’ opinion) or a freaking piece of work (MY opinion)



.  The quarterly check up and labs right after we moved showed rising numbers in his LDH blood test.  For all you noobs, I’ll shortcut you and say that that test result can mean a million things, but for anyone in the cancer community it’s a BIG FAT FREAKIN’ RED FLAG with herpes on the pole, if you know what I mean!  We poo-pooed the higher numbers in March because we had just moved and Steven had been doing a lot of lifting and toting.  His aching joints and arthritis was so bad that it had him tearing up with pain.  So it was no wonder that his blood showed inflammation and we wrote it off as just that.  And we went about our business…ignoring the nagging feeling that something might be rotten in Denmark!  I hate that little voice in the back of everyone’s head, don’t you?

One would think that coming up on the June blood test that Steven would have babied himself looking to recover and rest up from the March debacle.  One would think…but not our Steven.  The day before he went for his labs…let me rephrase that…THE FUCKING DAY HE BEFORE HE WENT FOR HIS FUCKING LABS, he was out in the Florida sun all day, DSC_0749washing and waxing and polishing and romancing his car from dawn until he finally dropped to his knees in exhaustion.  He was dehydrated, sunburned and sore from his neck to his toes.  He couldn’t move his shoulders for a month from the pain and at that time finally determined that his joints would no longer allow him the repetitive motion of “wax on” “wax off” detailing to his beloved Cadillac.  Oh yeah, he failed the blood test with sinking colors.  Dr. Sprawls gave him the old, “Don’t worry yet, we’ve got therapy drugs if you need them.”  (HEY NOOBIES – YA KNOW HOW YA SAY ‘BURGER’ WHEN YA MEAN ‘HAMBURGER’?  SPRAWLS SAYS ‘THERAPY’ WHEN HE MEANS ‘CHEMOTHERAPY’)



Needless to say we had a nervous-y 3 month wait until September.  I will give Steven credit this time for being semi-patient and semi-calm.  He took care of himself by listening to me more.  He was mouthy about it but eventually he listened!  He now has “a guy” to wax his car.  He walks Molly for exercise.  (Thank you Broke Foot)  He eats what I give him, including the vitamins and supplements and even his treats are healthful…and he rested.  A lot.  It’s been a hard transition to move inland and a lot hotter and more humid than beachside. So summers in Orlando are great for afternoon naps and Steven got good at taking breaks when nothing was going on.  He’s finally starting to learn to just rest.  It paid off.  Big time.  Number reversal in cancer care is not the norm.  When it happens it’s like watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.  It’s a big deal and that’s exactly what the last quarterly visit was.  A GREAT BIG FANTASTIC BIG DEAL OF NORMAL!



So today, I’m sitting on the Molly’s Porch, enjoying the beauty and glory of the day and thinking about the future.  How’s this for the future.  I took this photo of Alexis almost 2 years ago.  It was the day after she and Matthew brought Lil’ G home from the hospital.  Since Matt had to work, I went with her to a pediatrician appointment and then we took Lil’ G to  witness his first pedicure.  He slept through the whole thing.  I wonder if we’ll be able to do that with the next one this coming April?  We’ll just have to see, won’t we?  If it’s a girl,




maybe she’ll get her first pedi too!  Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I really don’t care.  I’m just tickled that we’re getting another one!  This Nana gig is great and I’m glad to keep on keeping on.  Quite frankly, now that I remember all the ins and outs of babies, I’m ready for one more because they’re fun,,,and I still get to go home at the end of the night.  But since the parents don’t,  I can see they’re gonna keep on needing me, and I’m loving that!

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