…And Life Goes On

Cancer has been interrupting our lives for a long time, but life goes on around us as if we were in our daily routine. It’s a shame that we have had to miss a lot of family events. A neice graduated college, a nephew got his MBA, numerous birthdays, special events and holidays have passed and Steven and I have missed them all. We can both see the really bright light at the end of this tunnel, and we can see that it’s getting close so we’re trying to be patient, but it’s hard.

We miss our home, our stuff, our way of doing things. We miss making out own plans rather than having medical appointments determine our day. I might even miss my job…wait…what?  No, I just miss my design center partner.  She’s a kindred spirit so I miss our chats.  But most of all, I miss family life.

 On Fathers Day this year there wasn’t any celebration. Steven wasn’t up for guests because he was being prepped for a colonoscopy, so that wasn’t very festive. Luckily, we had a reprieve on Mothers Day where we were between chemotherapy and apheresis, so we were home. And as a combined Parents Day celebration, Alexis and Matt came to our house and made waffles and a frittata breakfast spread for us so we wouldn’t have to be out amongst the germy public.

  It meant a lot to both of us because it was the perfect send off to begin our BMT adventure.

We both took the memories of that day with us as that bright spot we could revisit on the less fun days that we have weathered during this experience. The only memento that Steven packed was an old Fathers Day gift that Alexis gave him years ago. That was his little bit of home.

 As for me, I’ve just been wearing the awesome charm necklace that was my Mothers Day gift this year. It holds fond memories of the first vacation we took with Steven to Pineapple Cottge in the Abacos. The deck of cards is a reminder of our awesome college graduation trip to Vegas for Alexis after Steven crushed Lymphoma the very first  time…and that’s also the reason for the green ribbon. The cross shows the faith we’ve had that God is watching over us and the rest are pretty self explanitory.

 Oh, and the December birth stone is mine, too. Wouldn’t it be great to share the same day as my first grand baby!  It could happen!


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