The Man Who Has Everything

IMG_0879Well, Christmas is almost here and I still don’t have a gift for Steven nailed down. What do you get for the man who has everything?

When Steven really wants something he usually gets it. I don’t mean that in a real spoiled-y husband kind of way! It’s just that his wants are so few, that when there is something special that he has his eye on, one of us usually makes it happen – thus making it very hard for me when a special occasion arises like a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas, to hit a homerun as wife of the year in the gift department.

So this year I thought I was really going to kill it! What do you get for the man who has everything including…lymphoma? You get him a bone marrow transplant! I know that might not seem like something really dandy to most people but trust me, when you need one it’s the gift that keeps on giving! The bad thing is a bone marrow transplant is just like the latest and greatest toy. It’s really hard to get around the holidays.

All this past week, Dr. Sprawls’ staff has been trying to get Steven an appointment with the renowned Dr. Lynch at Shands medical center in Gainesville. They still haven’t been able to make it happen because of the end of year festivities that everyone else is enjoying. Add to that the little wrinkle that all Americans who work for a living know. “Use it or lose” it on vacation days is the status quo. In medical offices throughout the land, no one is sitting in their usual chair. The ins and outs of running an office have become a mumbo-jumbo of people trying to fake their way through the day in order to cover all the vacationing spots!

Getting the appointment is only the beginning of my woe. I really hate to be thinking of a bone marrow transplant as the Cabbage Patch doll of my current life, but it looks like that’s what it’s become. Not only am I having trouble getting one before Christmas, but I’m gonna pay through the nose for this little baby whenever it passes by. We met our “out of pocket” insurance for this year, but if this transplant nonsense starts at the beginning of 2015, I am screwed. The insurance game makes overnight shipping charges seem like gum ball money!

So for the holiday season we’ll be sitting by the phone awaiting the next phase of treatment…and probably scrounging the sofa for spare change. But no matter what comes next, we’re both glad I didn’t settle on getting him a tie.

Bee Tee Dubs. This post comes to you from the keypad of my iPhone 6. How current am I?

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