I’m Married to an OLD Man!

IMG_0410I should be getting in the shower and getting ready for work right now. But before I start my day, I just have to share with everyone how wonderful it is to be celebrating Steven's 60th birthday today. Most people I know have "birthday lists" full of things they want. Steven only has had only one "want" for his birthday for the past 10 years…to be alive. And he got it again this year. We couldn't be more thankful and more elated at his good health, good attitude and good life.

So during this joyful month of March where our baby girl turned 30, Steven turned 60 and I remain 38 for the 21st time, let me share these words of wisdom…sometimes life really sucks but it ALWAYS gets better.

Keep on truckin' baby. It's worth it!


One thought on “I’m Married to an OLD Man!

  1. God gave me you for the ups and down. I know it's a song but it's perfect and you have made me the happiest man on earth. With ALL MY LOVE, thank you sweetheart…


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