A New Day, A New Look



A new wardrobe is a neccesity…even for a blog.  I’ve been blogging around lately, and I’ve seen a lot of looks that I really like, so I decided to update my style.  Let me know what you think, but if you disagree…well… you’re just wrong!  But, thanks for playing my game!

It’s been a lazy weekend here at Harp House.  Steven had his CT scan on Friday, and after he chugs those two giant banana barium shakes, he usually feels a little bloated and tired!  Go figure. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if I should be wearing a tin foil hat to bed.  If anyone wants an idea for a Christmas gift for us, I’m thinking a Geiger Counter would be the big winner.  We’d definitley use it twice a year to make sure Steven’s not kissing me with radioactive lips!

We’re going to see Dr. Sprawls on Tuesday to get the results of the scan.  Til then, don’t take any plutonium nickels!

2 thoughts on “A New Day, A New Look

  1. Nice fresh new look!


  2. I love the new look!


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