We’ll Miss You, Steve Jobs

MacWriter-APPLEphotoI write my blog on my MacBook Pro.  Steven does his digital photography work on his iMac.  We call each other on our iPhones.  We also keep our calendars, contacts, shopping lists, banking, shopping, traveling, questioning and e-mailing on those iPhones.  When Steven had to sit through hours of chemo, he tried to relax and stay positive listening to iTunes on his iPod shuffle.  And, all of the backup files of our lives are on some iMagic storage solution that saves everything in Apple’s secret cyberspace world.  I can’t remember what it’s called, but I’m sure it’s something catchy like iSavedYou or MacBackup.  It doesn’t matter what it’s called, though.  The point is that we took a bite of the Apple and joined the cult years ago.  Today we are sad.

It’s another crappy example of how unfair cancer is to everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor; if you contribute huge advances to society or are just a boil on the butt of mankind.  Cancer doesn’t discriminate or cut any slack.  It’s a seemingly random sniper picking off unsuspecting and undeserving targets.

Being the pioneer and problem solver we knew Steve Jobs to be, I’m just hoping that we’ll find that he used his great ingenuity and insight, coupled his considerable wealth, to build a major firewall in cancer’s hard drive.  I hope we find that there is some top secret prototype iDrug in progress that will change the world.  It would be great to have a drop list that commands ‘Quit Cancer’ – that possibility helps me from getting too sad so I’m going to focus on that.

I wonder if Steve Jobs’ heaven looks like an Apple store…all neat and clean and full of white boxes with no clutter.  I hope so.  I think he would like that.

One thought on “We’ll Miss You, Steve Jobs

  1. Very nice tribute. As a Mac guy now to, Mr. Jobs has had a big impact on my life also. I think he has touched everyone in one way or another. May he rest in peace, bring ingenuity and redesign to heaven and here's to hoping he started something like Inomorecancer before he passed. He had many projects in the works before he left us!Peace to all!


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