Cancel the Vacation to Pakistan!

I just told Steven that if he was planning a surprise vacation for us to Pakistan, I’m not going.  Now chances are, that would never happen, but I’m not taking any chances.  I’ve been watching the news and all I can come up with is WTF???  And yes, I know those are VERY inappropriate initials for a very inappropriate phrase.  But sometimes, it just fits.

So, I’ve seen million dollar mansions from inside and out.  And I saw bin Laden’s million dollar mansion.  WTF?  Really? Cracks in the exterior walls?  Is there no Plaster of Paris in Pakistan?  Obviously, no cleaning ladies.  WTF?  You have 37 wives and no one cleans up?  No wonder people don’t mind living in caves.  What difference does it make if the vermin running across the floor live there or are just visiting?  

You live right outside of a military training base and NO ONE knows you’re there?  WTF?  I’m never eating hummus again.  Who knows what’s in that?  Seriously, any country that can miss the #1 terrorist in the world is not going to be real choosy about hockers in the hummus!

By the way, I just heard someone on Fox news say voters interested in family values don’t like the “F” word.  WTF?  Without the “F” word, there would be no families.


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