In Sickness and In Health

I was at the Royal Wedding today.  OK, I was in my jammies in the family room, but I was wearing a hat with a REALLY big flower, a long feather and some corkscrew twigs.  By the way, does anyone else think that Elton John is starting to look less like a rock star and more like the crotchety neighbor who stands in the yard with a rake and yells as passing kids to “Get off my lawn”?   And, I think I decided that my favorite hairstyle was Posh Spice’s simple pony tail.  It was smashing, as we say around the palace.

I have a few more thoughts before I head out for the royal after-parties, so let’s get to it. What I’m really reflecting on is weddings.  First because today’s wedding was the most fairy tale news this year.  No one lost a home, a life, a fortune or his mind. (Duh! Winning!)   It was just plain fun.  Secondly, who doesn’t like a happy ending?  Surprisingly, that happy ending is also a happy beginning of a cycle that continues for  dot, dot, dot.  (For non-math geeks, that means infinity)

As I listened to Kate and Wills (yes, I’m on a first name basis…I was at the wedding, remember?), say their vows, it reminded me of when I married Steven.  That sickness and health part is a real Where’s Waldo clause.  As you stand there promising to support each other ‘in sickness and in health,’ you are usually at the peak of health and can’t even imagine the implication.

Not that it was a deal breaker in any way.  My only deal breaker was one I didn’t foresee in my first “rehearsal” marriage.  I thought after you got married, you should stop dating other people…he disagreed.  Hence the end of the rehearsal.  But I knew Steven to be a great fit for me.  We agree on a lot, compromise some and enhance each other in our differences.  When you find that, you’ve got a keeper.  And if that Where’s Waldo day ever comes, you can get through it.

The Dynamic Duo - Phone Portrait

The Dynamic Duo – Phone Portrait

Marriage is being a team, even if it’s only a team of two. It is one of life’s best little surprises.  In my world, Steven is the one I want on my team.  When it comes to making deals, negotiating and figuring out win-win endings for life’s obstacles, he is THE man.  He is brilliant at navigating the problems and finding solutions.  For real.

Once, in the Bahamas, in a rental boat with a broken gas gauge, we stalled.  It was dawn.  We were in the middle of Abaco Sound, heading back to catch our plane. We were out of gas.  I panicked the kind of panic that makes those little sweat circles under your boobs.  Alexis was just kind of dazed.  It was still WAY to early for her teenaged brain to deal with the drama.  Steven was like McGyver.  He put up the canvas Bimini shade to act as a sail, he had Alexis hold an oar off the rear as a rudder and had me keep waving my arms to get attention. He managed to catch enough wind to sail us close enough to shore to get help.  I thought he was superman.  To this day, I never feel so trusting and safe than I do when I’m with him.

My forte?  I keep him alive.  That’s not nearly as amusing as a story at cocktail parties, but I’m Superwoman to him.  Because I also keep him young and I keep him on his toes.  But no matter what, we’re a team.  We’re in it to win it.  In sickness and in health…you know the rest.  Happily ever after.  Now, I’m off to the palace for hors d’oeurves with Benny and the Jets.  Cheerio!


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