Hey!!! I’m Talking to YOU

This one is for you.  You know who you are.  You think no one is paying attention to your cancer because so far, your treatment is looking good.  Let me tell you something: We’re paying very close attention.  We’re just trying not to freak you out by hovering.

Now, while I have your attention, let me tell you a few things:

  1. My Water Garden / Meditation Spot

    My Water Garden / Meditation Spot

    Just like we’re not hovering, you need to stop hovering too!  Quit hovering over WebMD and the symptom checker.  You have a doctor, you have a plan and you’ve started the process.  Sit back and enjoy it.

  2. Yes, I just said enjoy your cancer.  It sucks, but it’s there.  So learn how to just ‘be’. Quit making lists, schedules and alternate plans.  Get into the moment.  Get Zen.  Get back to the basics in life.  Pet your dog, read a book (a fun one, not a cancer book), get your nails done, do yoga and start learning how to relax.  Part of recovery is eliminating stress.  Quit stressing!
  3. Trust your decisions.  You picked a doctor and a plan, just like picking one from Column A and one from Column B at Wing-Tip-Shu Restaurant and Bar.  You picked what you thought would be best.  Now just eat.  Don’t compare the food here to the food up north.  You always think it was better up there…Remember the time you saw the roach walking across the table.  If the doctors in Florida (or fill in your state here) weren’t any good, THERE WOULDN’T BE ANY PEOPLE HERE…just cemeteries.

Now go eat something chocolate and enjoy being alive.  I got your back.


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