Breast Cancer and Uggs

My "IT" Bag - Chloe

My “IT” Bag – Chloe

I’m a little worried about Catherine Zeta Jones.  I’m not concerned about her medical condition. I’m absolutely sure that if she can get through throat cancer treatments with Michael Douglas, managing her bipolar situation will be a walk in the park.  What I’m worried about is that bipolar disorders will become the “it” bag of fashionistas and the LBD of diseases, breast cancer, will be “OUT.”

Could this really happen?  It would totally screw up the entire month of October, which breast cancer has claimed as heartily as Santa has a lock on December.  And I love the accessories that come with breast cancer.  The tee shirts that read, “Breast Cancer Sucks” are defiant and poignant at the same time.  “Bipolar Disorder Sucks…Sometimes” just doesn’t pack the same wallop.  That goes double for the “Fight Like a Girl” memorabilia – LOVE THAT.  I’m not seeing the “Fight With Yourself” trinkets being big sellers.

Those little pink ribbons are adorable.  What would a bipolar logo be?   ; )  : (    Happy face, sad face?  Comedy and tragedy? Yin and yang? Those belong to text messages, teenage girls, thespians and fortune cookies respectively.  And October just wouldn’t be conducive to bipolar disorder.  If it comes to assigning a time period, I say March, in like a lion and out like a lamb.

The only way this is going to work, folks, is to just let breast cancer remain the Little Black Dress illness.  You just can’t screw with a classic.  Let’s let bipolar disorder be the UGGS…in for a while, and pretty comfy…just not red carpet worthy.  Who’s with me on this?


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