Maybe It’s Not ‘Chemo Brain’

There is a well know side effect that cancer patients wrestle with both during treatment and after the recovery process begins.  It is referred to as “Chemo Brain” and  it is a memory loss that comes and goes at the most inopportune times.  In our house, we treat is as a humorous inconvenience and try to be mindful of it so the milk doesn’t stay in the pantry closet ALL day.  I try my best not to take advantage too frequently when I get lazy and say, “No, I’m not making dinner, you said you wanted Chinese food tonight.”  Ten years ago, Steven would have said, “I don’t think so”.  Now he just say’s “OK” and drives down to pick it up.  I’m not a bad person, I’m just tired of cooking sometimes!

Unlike me, a really good wife would probably not take advantage of “Chemo Brain” as often as I do.  But then a really good wife wouldn’t have slowly brainwashed her husband into thinking she was a much younger “trophy wife” when in fact they are only 10 months apart in age…not 10 years.  On the other hand, why be frustrated by “Chemo Brain” when you can use it in your favor?  Until it starts to backfire…

Some of Steven’s memory loss is not, in fact, “Chemo Brain”.  It’s just good old-fashioned aging.  Anyone in their late 50’s knows that sometimes you just barrel into a room with great zest and speed only to find you have no idea why you’re there.  Last Friday I was reviewing some paperwork in my office and realized that I had clients two weeks ago with whom I spent in excess of 5 hours, and I couldn’t remember ONE THING about them.  All their papers were in order, and I did some really nice design work for them…but I couldn’t remember what they looked like, if I liked them or what we talked about…in 5 hours!   Seriously?

Unfortunately, now I see that I’ve boxed myself in pretty good, but I hate to admit it!  I’ve never had chemo, and I’m allegedly a “trophy wife”.   Looks like I’m going to have to go blonde!


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