Am I A Bad Speller…Or Just Blind?

I’m old school.  I come from the time where I had to look things up in the dictionary if I wanted to check the spelling.  It really didn’t seem like that much extra work, and generally I would remember how to spell the word next time.  But now, I’m getting lazy.  Auto correct is like a maid, Hazel if you will,  for your laptop.  If you don’t know who Hazel is, you probably don’t own a dictionary.  (Yikes!  I sound like Andy Rooney.  I hope I don’t grow those maniac eyebrows!)  I’ve gotten spoiled having Hazel enforce the “i” before “e”, except after “c” rule…and all the others that go along with it.  Now, I just type, and Hazel does the clean up.

Then along came texting and Auto-fill.  Now that’s a whole different experience.  My iPhone thinks it’s as smarter than me.  And auto-fill is iPhone Jeannie.  (Tony Nelson’s “maid”, for those of you who don’t get Nick at Nite!)  Auto fill really wants to help but usually makes a bigger mess than you would.  I texted my daughter what I thought was “Where are you”.  What I sent was “Whew are toy”, because Jeannie finished my words!

The embarassing part is that I would have fixed it BUT I CAN’T SEE THE SCREEN!  So now my daughter thinks I’m loosing my marbles while in reality I’m just loosing my focus.  Momentarily, I was torn.  I pride myself on my spelling, but I’m too vain to admit my aging vision.  I needed another option.  And that is when I came up with the perfect solution that was so totally acceptable in this day.  I texted back “Butt texted”.  And she said, “Oh, ok.”…WOW!


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