Laptop Cancer

It happened the same way it happened with Steven.  There were no warning signs, no textbook symptoms and no way to prepare.  Suddenly the screen went black, the system shut down and we knew something was very wrong.  Just like with Steven.

I jumped in the car, laptop safely tucked beside me and hurried to the doctor, in this case our local Apple franchise.  And just like with Steven, I had to leave my baby in the Apple hospital.  Techs had to run tests, diagnose problems, confer with experts, blah, blah, blah.  And again I found myself waiting and hoping that I could have my world back the was it was.

But again, it was just like Steven.  The problem was diagnosed but the treatment wasn’t an easy fix.  It took quite a few attempts, and even one false-positive when we thought all was well but it wasn’t.  The one main thing that was different this time…insurance.  My 16 month old laptop was 4 months past the point of “we got you covered”.  And, I didn’t have “Apple Care”.  Now I truly understand how extremely lucky we were when Steven started his journey down Lymphoma Lane.  My new job had given us some kick-ass insurance. Granted, I had to pay a healthy portion out of each paycheck for my share, but we had options and access to the best.

I have read many articles written by cancer care-givers, patients and medical professionals addressing the insurance issue.  I now have a better understanding of what it is like when people have to make decisions based on the financial aspect of the cure, rather than what is best for the patient.  It sucks, but it’s reality.  And even though this was not a “life or death” situation, I get the severity of life without insurance.

But on the other hand, I try to learn from every squeeze I experience and I think I cracked a code.  That one year warranty  that comes with purchase…that’s Obama-care.  They tell you what you’re going to get…take it or leave it.  I didn’t like it.  I didn’t think I was treated fairly.  And it still cost me a whole lot of money in a very round about way.  But you get what you pay for and I’ll pay for the Apple Care from now on!

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