If A Tree Falls In The Forest And No One Hears It…Or If A Blog Entry Gets Posted and No One Reads It…

My thought for the day is fairly philisophical (I think). I’m drinking a martini as I write.  So is it, or isn’t it?  Am I really smart and not so smart all in the same brain.  Seriously, sometimes I innately know  things, and other times I can’t remember where I parked the car. That being said, I do my best thinking when I’m putting on my makeup and doing my hair in the mornings.  It’s like autopilot.  I finish my free association thought process at the same time that I arrive at my destination – a totally powdered and painted look that seems like I’m not wearing any make-up at all.

Today I realized that cancer is just like the playground bully.  And that also applies to so many other aspect of life.  Your job, your health, your family relationships, your friends and even the behavior of your pets can be a playground bully. You never know when he’s going to sneak up on you and kick your butt.  Rarely do you expect it.  Even if you have that nagging feeling that you’re due for another attack, you just never know where and when.  So you start to get a little hinky, always looking over your shoulder, planning an escape route and preparing for the worst.  And wasting time. Because, and write this down because it really applies to all walks of life, YOU CANNOT PREPARE FOR A WEDGIE!

Enjoy your day, enjoy your life, enjoy your grooming habits and enjoy your cocktail.  And if you get that wedgie, just yank it out and ease on down the road.

So even though the New Year is here, and I feel good and Steven feels good and all should be right with the world, I still have that little gnat flying around my brain annoying the heck out of me.  So here comes the next monumental revelation.  WE ALL HAVE THAT GNAT!  It’s not just cancer, it’s job security, it’s keeping our friends, it’s getting along with family, it’s aging and acne and measles and mortgages.  That playground bully disguises himself throughout our lives and keeps coming back to taunt us.

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